CemeCon CC800/9 Custom - Model facility

  Coating plant and a picture of a flange Copyright: © IOT Coating facility CC800/9 Custom – model facility (a) and flange for access for the plasma diagnostic (b)

The Cemecon CC800/9 Custom model facility is based on an industrial coating facility of the model type CC800/9. The difference is the variety of flanges at the side doors, the bottom and the roof of the vacuum chamber. They enable the access for devices for plasma diagnostics e.g. mass spectrometry, optical emission spectroscopy and langmuir probe. In addition it is also possible to carry out diagnostics like phase-resolved optical emission spectroscopy (PROES) as well as laser adsorption spectroscopy in industrial coating units. One of the cathodes works on the principle of direct current Magnetron Sputtering (dcMS), while the other cathode works on the principle of High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering (HPPMS). In this way dcMS as well as HPPMS and hybrid processes can be investigated. Together with the different accesses for plasma diagnostics, this system offers the possibility to trace the synthesis path of the coating from the cathode to the substrate for a wide range of processes.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Coating chamber volume 1,000 x 1,000 x 880 mm³
Power of cathodes P = 10 kW
Process variants dcMS, HPPMS