Thermal Spraying

  close-up of the thermal spray process Copyright: © IOT  

Thermal spraying is a universally applicable coating process during which a generally powdery or wire-form coating material with high thermal and/or kinetic energy is propelled onto the surface of a component where it builds a film. A wide spectrum of materials such as metals and ceramics, but high-grade polymers for technical coating as well, can be processed using a multitude of the process types available. The film thickness ranges from approx. 30 µm up to several millimetres.


The following equipment is available in the field of Thermal Spraying at IOT:

Atmospheric Plasma Spraying

Flame Spraying

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel​ Spraying

Cold Gas Spraying

Electric Arc Wire Spraying

Internal Coating

Combination Plant

Powder Modification

Substrate Preparation