Brazing Technology


Portrait photo Erck © Copyright: Carl Brunn


Marvin Erck

Team Leader LT


+49 241 80-99960



The employees of the brazing technology group deal with the topics of

  • Filler metal development,
  • Procedure and process development and
  • Process optimization and humanization.

The main focus is on the development of temperature- and corrosion-resistant brazing alloys for high-performance materials, such as ceramics, superalloys, steels, titanium alloys and high-alloy aluminium materials, as well as on process optimization of brazing and high-temperature brazing by means of furnaces, inductive heating and resistance heating. Furthermore, special joining processes such as diffusion welding, wide gap brazing and TLP bonding are the subject of research and teaching. Within the scope of surface technology, the IOT is of course also investigating the possibility of coating by brazing. This process, known as deposit brazing, is already industrially established in the field of tipping tools with carbide inserts and is also becoming increasingly important in other applications.

The joining process brazing enables the material-locking connection of almost all metals and ceramics with themselves, but also with dissimilar materials. This results in an extremely wide range of applications, ranging from the automotive and aerospace industries, biotechnology, the electrical industry, chemical apparatus engineering and microsystems technology to the skilled trades and wear protection in general mechanical engineering and construction machinery manufacturing.