DGM Brazing Seminar 2021

13. - 15. April 2021


Joining technology is becoming increasingly important for the supply of high-quality products due to the increased use of new materials with enhanced properties. Brazing technology offers a particularly wide range of possibilities for the production of composites of different types, for example ceramic-metal and nickel alloy-steel composites. Through a specific selection of material and brazing process technology, it is possible to produce highly resilient joints from a wide variety of materials without changing their property profiles. In this seminar, the possibilities of brazing of modern high performance materials with different processes are presented. The seminar is particularly aimed at engineers and technicians who want to acquire basic knowledge in the field of brazing technology in order to be able to use new material concepts effectively. The lectures and technical discussions are supplemented by practical exercises on modern brazing machines. DGM Brazing Seminar