Optical Emission Spectrograph (OES) – TRIAX-180

  3D diagram of the parameters intensity O2 flow and wavelength Copyright: © IOT Changes of intensity by variation of oxygen flow

The HORIBA Jobin Yvon TRIAX-180 is a compact monochromator with an exact wavelength resolution of 0.3 nm (grating: 1,200 lines/mm). Combined with the PULNIX TM-6CN camera and the powerful Plasus Monitor software the outcome is an optical emission spectrograph (OES), which unites a maximum of transportability and accuracy. By means of a changeable grating turret, which contains three gratings (e.g. 300, 600, 1,800 lines/mm), this OES is very flexible. Consequently, it is possible to measure the plasma composition during the coating process. Additionally, the OES can be used for automatically process controlling by in-situ measurements. The figure shows an example of a spectral diagram during the reactive deposition process of alumina it shows the intensity changes of the spectral lines of aluminum and oxygen in dependency of the oxygen flow.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]
Focal Length

0.19 m

Aperture f/3.9
Grating Size 50 x 50 mm
Resolution 0.3 nm

3.53 nm/mm

Accuracy ± 0.3 nm
Repeatability ± 0.06 nm
Step Size 0.06 nm (nominal)
Slit 0–2 mm in 2 µm step