Retarding field energy analyser Semion pDC

  Facility and ion distribution over energy diagram Copyright: © IOT Retarding field energy analyser Semion pDC a) and ion distribution in a HPPMS coating process under the use of a substrate bias of U = -94 V (b)

Retarding field analyzers allow the measurement of the ion energy distribution, which is an important parameter for the layer growth of physical vapour deposition thin films. The sensor of the counter field analyzer Semion pDC, Impedans, Dublin, Ireland, which is available at the institute, can be positioned very variably in the coating chamber. In this way it is possible to measure the ion energy distribution and the ion flux density on the substrate side. This is also possible by using a voltage at the substrate table, the so-called substrate bias, so that ion energy distributions, as they are present in industrial coating processes, can be determined.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]
Energy range

0 to 2,500 eV

Energy sensitivity 1 eV
Ion current densities 0.1 mA/cm² bis 20 mA/cm²
Maximal ion current 2 mA