Precision Adhesion Tester (PAT)

  Copyright: © IOT DFD - PAThandy precision adhesion tester (a) and schematic of the components of the PAThandy (b)

The Precision Adhesion Tester (PAT) is a handy device for examining the bond strength of coatings such as thermally sprayed coatings. The adhesive tensile strength is measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14916. The advantage of this method is that the procedure does not depend on standardised test samples. The tests can be performed directly on components. The surfaces do not need to be planar. The device is especially suited for examining adhesive tensile strength on curved surfaces such as boreholes or on cylindrical components. A stamp is glued on the coated specimen. In a second step, the coating is cut into two around the glued stamp. Pressure is generated by a hydraulic pump. This pressure is applied to the stamp connected to the test head with an axial force until the coating or the coating compound fails. The maximum pressure on the dial gauge is maintained with the help of a drag indicator. In addition to the maximum pressure, the fracture pattern, which can be characterised visually, aids in the evaluation of the compound. In this way it is possible to determine if failure appears in the coating (cohesive fracture), at the interface coating/substrate (adhesive fracture) or in a mixture of the both.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]
Maximum adhesive tractive force

6.3 kN

Accuracy ±1% of the original dimension
Tester weight 1,250 g

In conformity with ISO 4624, EN24624, ASTM D4541, etc.