Impact-Tester in a laboratory Copyright: © Carl Brunn

A significant characteristic for a number of applications is the surface load capacity. Impacting loads which occur in bearings or milling processes can be simulated by impact test. With the impact tester, the capability of coating compounds can be estimated. During the test a cemented carbide ball with a constant diameter is impacted onto the specimen surface. The ball impact causes a Hertzian pressure, which leads to a damage of the surface. After the test has been performed, the imprint is microscopically analyzed to determine the type of failure, depending on the load collective of impact force and the number of impacts. The impact tester can be used to evaluate the bond and fatigue strength of coated samples.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] value
Number of impacts, N [-] 1-1∙109
Frequency, f [Hz] 50
Impact force, F [N] 100-1.000
Impact angle, θ [°] 0, 5, 10, 15
Specimen temperature, T [°] 25-400