Linearly reciprocating tribometer Copyright: © IOT Linearly reciprocating tribometer SVT 1000-P

The tribometer SVT 1.000 from WAZAU (Berlin, Germany) is used for the investigation and simulation of friction and wear processes during sliding loads of two friction partners in rotating, oscillating or vibrating relative movement. In the test principle used, a counter body, consisting of a pin, ring or a disc, is pressed against a disc with a defined load and relative movement. The base and counter body can each be exchanged flexibly and optionally coated with different materials. The friction partners are located in a sample container. In addition, the use of liquid lubricants is possible. The friction coefficient is detected by two torque sensors. The wear can additionally be measured via the path change between the friction partners. The non-contact measurement is carried out via a laser-optical displacement sensor.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]
Normal force

10 N – 1,000 N

Stroke length 0 mm – 12 mm
Stroke frequency 0,01 Hz – 50 Hz
Temperature RT – 200 °C