Particle Image Analyser Morphologi G2

  Particle Image Analyser and associated Powder disperser unit Copyright: © IOT Particle Image Analyser Malvern Morphologi G2 and associated Powder disperser unit

With the optical particle image analyser Morphologi G2 by Malvern Instruments Ltd. different kinds of powders can be analysed. Information about the particle size distribution as well as the particle shape is obtained. These shape parameters include circle equivalent diameter, length, width, perimeter, area, aspect ratio, circularity, convexity, solidity, elongation and intensity of each particle. Each single particle, which lays within the measuring range of the analyser, can be detected. This measuring range depends on the material properties and dispersion conditions.

Technical data:

Parameter, [Einheit] Wert
Particle size range [ µm ] 0,5 bis 1.000
Statistical significance 5.000 – 500.000 captured particles
Magnification 2,5×, 5×, 10×, 20×, 50×
Particle size measurement circle equivalent diameter, Length, Width, Perimeter, Area
Particle shape measurement Aspect ratio, Circularity, Convexity, Solidity, Elongation, Intensity