High Vacuum Furnace Astro

  High Vacuum Furnace Astro in a laboratory Copyright: © IOT High vacuum furnace Astro

The Astro high vacuum furnace is a field-tested vacuum furnace for experimental investigations. Its compact size enables high heating and cooling rates. The Astro offers a cost-effective solution for high quality brazing of small samples. Mainly it is used for low and high temperature brazing, especially for wetting experiments and active brazing. This furnace is characterised by a pure high-vacuum atmosphere, which allows flux-free brazing and as a consequence the evaluation of the joint compound and the brazeability of an alloy.

Technical data

Parameter Value

60 x 60 x 120 mm³

Vacuum p < 10-5 mbar
Max. operating temperature T = 1,200 °C
Interior lining Mo
Heating insert