Spraying process of the unit and cross break of the sprayed layer Copyright: © IOT HVOF spraying process by means of GTV K2 (a) and HVOF sprayed Fe/TiC- coating (b)

The K2 high velocity oxygen flame spraying system made by GTV is operated with the liquid fuel “kerosene” and oxygen. The fuel/oxygen gas mixture is burned in a combustion chamber and expanded to supersonic speed in a convergent-divergent nozzle situated downstream. The powder-formed spraying material is injected radially and symmetrically in the divergent nozzle element into the flow. The use of a liquid fuel results in a very economical process during which high levels of application can be achieved. The HVOF process is most often employed for the manufacture of very dense, hard and low-oxide coatings based on metals, alloys or metal matrix compound materials such as cermets.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Fuel Kerosene
Particle velocities v = 400 up to 700 m/s
Particle temperature T = 600 up to 2,000 °C
Form of the material

Powder (diameter > 5 µm)