Thermal Spraying (Process Technology)

  close-up of the thermal spray process Copyright: © IOT


Portrait photo Heinemann © Copyright: Carl Brunn


Hendrik Heinemann

Chief Engineer and Team Leader TS-P


+49 241 80-99944



Thermal Spraying (TS) is a universally applicable surface coating process in which a coating feedstock material, usually in powder or wire form, is sprayed onto a component surface with high thermal and/or kinetic energy to form a coating. With a large number of available process variants, a wide range of materials such as metals and ceramics, but also high-performance polymers, can be processed into technical coatings. The coating thicknesses range from approx. 30 µm to several millimeters.

The Thermal Spraying group Process Technology is working on the development of functional coating solutions for a wide range of applications. These are new types of coating systems like heating or sensor coatings. A second major focus of the research group is the process analysis and development of strategies for quality assurance by digitizing the processes and a rigorous online process diagnostics. These topics are optimally accompanied by application-oriented simulations of the entire process chain of our coating processes.

Current research topics of the research group Thermal Spraying (Process Technology) are:

  • Functional coatings such as actuator and sensor coatings
  • Digitalization of TS processes in the context of industry 4.0
  • Simulation of thermal spraying
  • Application of artificial intelligence in context of thermal spraying
  • Further development of the coating processes