Ultrasonic system – NDT CF 300


Using superficial or volumetric ultrasonic analyses, which –depending on the test frequency– achieve a lateral resolution of less than 50 μm, materials, components, brazed or welded joints as well as thermally sprayed coatings are examined for possible defects. Layer delamination, cracks, voids and macroscopic inclusions can be detected without destruction. The possibility of examining the entire relevant areas or volumes and the combination of these results with further investigations creates an added value compared with the usual sole optical or scanning electron microscopic investigations. In this case, it is assessed to what extent the plane investigated by scanning electron microscopy is representative of the relevant areas or volumes.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] value

Maximum sample size

≤ 300 mm x 300 mm x 150 mm
Working modus Reflection
Linear velocity 400 mm/s
Accuracy of axes ± 1 µm
Available transducers 15 MHz, 25 MHz