Corrosion-testing Apparatus

  Corrosion testing apparatus in a lab Copyright: © IOT Corrosion testing apparatus, model 606

The corrosion testing apparatus is used for conducting corrosion tests in aggressive aerosols and is standardized according to DIN EN ISO 9227. The nebulized solution (e.g. NaCl solution) surrounds continuously or cyclically samples in a heated test chamber and provides a corrosive atmosphere. The corrosion resistance of the samples is determined by the time difference between the first occurrence of corrosion traces at different samples (exposition time: serveral hours up to several days). Salt-spray tests are used as quality check for coatings within all fields of the industry. The rotationally symmetric design provides an even distribution of the nebulized testing solution in the entire test chamber. In addition to the test chamber, the apparatus consists of a control unit, which contains the storage tank for the spray solutions as well as the regulation and control instruments for temperature, spray air humidification, spray pressure and test duration.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] Value

Max. floor loading of the test chamber [kg]

ca. 300
Max. test temperature [°C] 50

Storage tank (spray solution) [l]

ca. 200
Specimen holder

3 free arrangable specimen holders with a capacity of 18 samples per holder