Coating Technology for Mobility Applications

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Dr.-Ing. Nazlim Bobzin

Vice President Surface Technology


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The lecture “Coating Technology for Mobility Applications” focuses on the requirement profiles of mobility applications for coating solutions and the application-related use of coatings for mobility applications. The aim is to provide students with a practical and industry-relevant insight into typical coating technologies for mobility applications. For this purpose, the lecture will present the most common industrial coating processes using practical examples e.g., physical vapor deposition (PVD), plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) and thermal spraying, as well as coating materials. The lecture will teach common competences concerning the application of different manufacturing processes and materials of surface technology in the particular field of mobility, e.g. automotive, aviation or railway engineering. Hereby, several topics such as corrosion protection, tribology and electromobility are addressed. In the end, students should be able to classify typical mobility applications in which surface technology is of significant importance according to the requirements.

Chapter Content
1. Introduction to social aspects of mobilty
  • Modern society and mobility
  • Economical and technical impacts
2. Tribological coatings in mobility applications
  • Loads on components
  • Coatings materials
  • Large industrial processes of coating technology
  • Examples from industrial practice
3. Corrosion protective coatings in mobility applications
  • Description of requirements based on applications and components
  • Coating materials
  • Large-scale industrial processes of coating technology
  • Examples from industrial practice
4. Coating technology for fuel cells
  • Designs of fuel cells
  • Loads on fuel cell components
  • Coating materials and processes for fuel cell components
  • Examples from industrial practice
5. Coatings in the battery technology
  • Battery moulds
  • Coating technology for batteries
  • Examples from industrial practice