Surface Engineering Part 2, OT 2

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Kirsten Bobzin

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Surface Engineering Part 2 is an extension to the contents of the lecture Surface Engineering Part 1. The lecture includes further coating technologies, e.g. hot dipping, sol-gel process, enameling and plating, as well as the most important methods of surface modification processes. Subsequently, a systematic approach to coating development will be explained using application examples.

The second part of the lecture deals with applications of surface technology in the field of tools, aircraft engines and the powertrain. This includes an introduction of chances and potentials for the application of surface technologies in these fields. Moreover, frequently used coating materials will be presented with the corresponding state-of-the-art surface technologies.

Following the lecture and exercises, a guided tour of the institute will take place, during which the gained knowledge can be expanded through vivid demonstrations of specific coating processes.

Summary of the contents of Surface Engineering Part 2



  1. Coating technologies III
  • Hot dipping
  • Sol-gel process
  • Enameling
  • Plating
  1. Surface modification processes
  • Chemical treatment
  • Thermochemical treatment
  • Heat treatment
  • Mechanical treatment
  1. Methodology of coating development
  • Application
  • Load spectrum
  • Material selection
  • Process engineering
  • Material testing
  • Coating
  • Functional testing
  1. Tool coating
  • Tool materials
  • PVD/CVD thin film deposition
  • Applications
  1. Surface engineering in aircraft engines
  • Resource preservation and environmental protection in aircraft engines
  • Surface engineering in aircraft engines
  • Surface engineering as a repair method
  1. Surface engineering in the powertrain
  • Resource conservation and environmental protection in the powertrain
  • Materials, lubricants, fuels
  • Surface engineering in the powertrain
  • Engine: piston/cylinder contact