Brazing and Soldering Technology

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Brazing is an established joining and coating process, which is widely used in the automotive and aerospace industry. The subject "Fundamentals and Techniques of Brazing Technology" gives you an overview of various brazing and soldering technologies as well as some related joining and coating techniques. As part of the course, the physical, material and manufacturing fundamentals of brazing technology will be taught first. In addition, various brazing technologies, such as the brazing of light metals (titanium, aluminium) or the active metal brazing of ceramic with metallic materials are presented. The individual characteristics of each method are explained in the context of mechanical, chemical and tribological properties of the brazing joint. In order to increase the understanding of the material and to give you an insight into the applications of brazing, two practical teaching units will be held. In the first unit, brazing is demonstrated by a brazing process such as induction brazing. In the second teaching unit, it will be shown how to metallographically prepare the previously produced joint, as well as, how to analyse and evaluate the material.

Summary of the contens of Brazing and Soldering Technology



1. Principles of brazing

  • Physical basics of brazing
  • Metallurgical problems
  • Brazing of steels

2. Filler metal selection and properties

  • Criteria for the filler metal selection
  • Filler metals

3. Brazing atmospheres and heating devices

  • Brazing atmospheres
  • Heating devices

4. Brazing of light metals

  • Brazing of aluminium
  • Brazing of titanium

5. Brazing of ceramics

  • Brazing of metallized ceramics
  • Active brazing
  • Reactive Air Brazing (RAB)

6. Technological examination of brazing joints

  • Destructive testing methods
  • Non-destructive testing methods

7. Designing joints suitable for brazing

  • Requirements for brazing design
  • Design of brazing joints
  • Simulation as an aid for the design of brazing joints

8. Deposition brazing for wear protection and medical technology

  • Principles of deposition brazing
  • Wear behaviour of brazing joints
  • Deposition brazing in medical technology

9. Soldering

  • Soldering in microsystem technology
  • Solder materials
  • Methods of soldering