STEM investigations of the influence of copper on alumina scale detachment during in-situ wetting experiments of Al-7Si-0.3Mg alloy with 95Sn-5Cu filler metal

Vayyala, Ashok; Aretz, Anke; Bobzin, Kirsten; Wietheger, Wolfgang; Hebing, Julian (Corresponding author); Iskandar, Mohamad Riza; Mayer, Joachim; Schmidt, Alexander

Berlin : de Gruyter (2021)
Journal Article (Review Article)

In: International journal of materials research : IJMR
Volume: 112
Issue: 5
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 415-421


  • Central Facility for Electron Microscopy [025000]
  • Chair of Microstructure Analysis [025010]
  • Department of Physics [130000]
  • Chair of Surface Engineering [419010]