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Dry Lubrication of Spur Gears - Tribological Analysis and Constructive Design

Short description:

The overall aim of this joint research project of the Gear Research Centre (FZG, TU Munich) and Surface Engineering Institute (IOT, RWTH Aachen University) within the DFG priority programme 2074 “Fluid-free lubrication systems at high mechanical loads” is the design of a fluid-free lubricated spur gear that reliably withstands the high mechanical loads. In cooperation with the FZG, three subgoals will be pursued in the first funding period. First, there will be fundamental research into the architecture of triboactive hard coatings (Cr,Al)N+X:S. Furthermore, the knowledge of provisioning processes of metal sulphide and graphite solid lubricants as well as the formation of transfer layers in fluid-free lubrication systems under tribological stress will be extended. In addition, the potential of spur gears for fluid-free applications is constructively supplemented by non-involute variants. During the entire duration of the project, tribological simulations of the temperature and material stress distribution are carried out, which contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms of action. Poster BO 1979/66-1

Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Porject number: BO 1979/66-1
Duration: January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021


(TRISTAN) – Development of self-lubricating (Cr,Al)N+X:S coatings via pulsed Arc-PVD technology for dry running power train components

Short description:

Energy-efficient mobility is necessary in order to avoid restrictions on mobility in the future and to protect the environment. Thereby, increasing the efficiency of powertrains by reducing friction is of great importance. Lubricants, which are conventionally used today in order to reduce friction, often bear economic and ecological disadvantages. Dry running of tribological components could be a solution for dispensing the use of conventional lubricants. However, this requires the adaptation of the surface properties as a result of the changed stress collective in tribological contact. Therefore, Cr-based nitride hard coatings with self-lubricating properties, as a result of doping with Mo or W and S, are developed in the project TRISTAN. The aim of the project is the reduction of friction and wear in dry running powertrain components, such as joints or bearings. Of central importance will be how Mo, W and S are incorporated in the coating and which contact conditions are necessary in order to form MoS2 and WS2 in tribological contact. The coatings are deposited by means of industrially relevant arc evaporation (Arc-PVD), which is being further developed with regard to pulsed power supplies. At the end of the project the transfer of the developed coatings into the application is planned, which enables the application-related testing of the coatings. Corresponding results can be used for the iterative coating development.

Funding: Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen (AiF)
Porject number: AiF 20431 N
Duration: September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2021