Thermal Spraying (Shield Coatings)


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FlexPad - Development of a design method for an innovative bearing concept

Short description:

The focus of the research project is on the further development of the thermally sprayed coating system based on a cobalt-based alloy with hexagonal boron nitride. This coating system supports the use of a new type of sliding bearing geometry for the main drive train in wind turbines. Initial demonstrator investigations have already confirmed the potential under operating conditions. The hexagonal boron nitride serves as solid lubricant embedded in the wear-resistant cobalt base matrix. Within the scope of the project, the particle state variables during the coating process are influenced by parameter variation, thus changing the distribution of the solid lubricant within the matrix. The influence of the process parameters on the tribological properties of the TS-coatings will be investigated by high load tests in a ring-disc tribometer in order to achieve a further reduction of friction and wear.

Funding: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
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Duration: November 1, 2019 to October 31, 2022


ELIOMAS - Electrical Insulating Surface Coatings based on High-Performance Composite Materials for Bearings in Drive Trains

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The aim of the project is to increase the lifetime of drive trains in rail vehicles, which break at an early stage due to parasitic currents running through the bearings. Therefore, novel electrically insulating composite materials are under development. These will then be applied as coatings. The relevant failure mechanisms can be analysed by combining different matrix- and filling materials like Al2O3, PEEK and spinel and further improve the microstructure of the coatings. Moreover, the electrical properties of each coating system are adjusted with respect to the requirements of the application. The measurements of the electrical material properties consider frequencies between 10 mHz und 1 MHz. Applicable coating systems are also tested tribologically and mechanically to be qualified as coatings for bearings. Poster 03XP0167C

Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
Porject number: 03XP0167C
Duration: September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2021


WEAREND2 - High-end wear-resistant WC-Co materials

Short description:

This project is aiming to investigate and upscale the utilization and production of a novel Nano-WC/Co hard metal powder for Thermal Spraying. The VTT in Finland is producing laboratory scale batches of the spray powder from water-soluble components using a novel powder manufacturing route. The spray powder is then characterised and Thermal Spraying tests with different parameter sets are conducted at the IOT. The properties of the coating are thereafter analysed and compared to commercial references.

Funding: EIT Raw Materials
Project nuber: 19026
Duration: 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2022

WEGA - Material development for sliding stressed applications

Short description:

The research project focuses on the development and investigation of novel coatings for sliding applications. Coatings made of a metallic base with embedded solid lubricants, which cannot be produced by smelting metallurgy, are developed by means of thermal spraying. In order to increase the performance of sliding coatings, higher metal contents compared to conventional sintered metals and finer distributed solid lubricants compared to bronze bearings with graphite inserts are promising material combinations. The aim of the research project is to adjust the metal content and the distribution of the solid lubricants with regard to the application in order to minimize friction and wear.

Funding: German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AIF)
Project nubmer: 20571 N
Duration: March 1, 2019 to February 28, 2022