PVD Technology (Tools)


Portrait photo Kalscheuer © Copyright: Carl Brunn


Dr. Christian Kalscheuer

Team Leader PVD (Tools)


+49 241 80-96512



The R&D group PVD Technology (Tools) is dedicated to the research and application of PVD coatings for a variety of applications. The main focuses are:

  • Machining
  • Primary and secondary forming

Currently, various projects are being worked on in internationally and nationally funded projects with the aim of developing new types of PVD coatings. The working group has at its disposal all common process variants currently available on the market and industrially used, such as magnetron sputter ion plating (MSIP) with different chamber volumes as well as arc ion plating (AIP) and also the latest generation of high power pulse magnetron sputtering (HPPMS).

Wear protection and dry lubricant coatings for high performance processes

  • High temperature active dry lubricants for forming processes (Magnéli-phase systems)
  • Novel oxidic wear protection coatings for the machining of nickel- and titanium-based alloys (multilayer TiAlN/γ-Al2O3)

High-precision tool coating for the molding of high-precision components

  • Development of coating processes and layer systems for the molding of high-precision glass optics Equipment and process development
  • Further development of highly ionized pulse processes for PVD coatings
  • Development of duplex and multi-evaporator processes based on MSIP and AIP technology

Plasma diagnostics

  • Process analysis using the latest plasma diagnostics
  • Online quality assurance and control of PVD coating processes using plasma diagnostics

Wear protection and dry lubricant layers

  • Coating developments for dry-running, tribological machine elements and components
  • Innovative materials for wear protection
  • Implementation of properties of lubricant additives in the coating material
  • Environmentally compatible lubricant systems through suitable material composites and intermediates using the example of the machine tool
  • Research of the application potential of PVD coatings on pump components
  • Use of PVD coatings in injection molding machines
  • Development of PVD wear protection coatings on plastics
  • Wear protection coatings for measuring probes in the aerospace industry