Thermal Spraying (Shield Coatings)

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Elisa Burbaum

Team Leader TS-S


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Thermal Spraying (Shield Coatings)

Thermal Spraying is a universally applicable surface coating process in which a coating feedstock material, usually in powder or wire form, is sprayed onto a component surface with high thermal and/or kinetic energy to form a coating. With a large number of available process variants, a wide range of materials such as metals and ceramics, but also high-performance polymers, can be processed into technical coatings. The coating thicknesses range from approx. 30 µm to several millimeters.

The Thermal Spraying (Shield Coatings) group is working on the development of high-performance, customized material solutions for functional surface coatings in a wide range of applications. In addition to the modification of feedstock materials, both industrially used as well as state-of-the-art process variants such as multi-electrode plasma generators for Atmospheric Plasma Spraying or the Cold Gas Spraying process for the application of sophisticated material systems are investigated and optimized.

Current research topics of the Thermal Spraying (Shield Coatings) group are:

  • Hydrogen production
  • Coatings for wear protection of highly stressed components
  • Corrosion protection coatings for the maritime technology and chemical industry
  • Material systems for high-temperature applications in aerospace
  • Insulation of electrical applications and voltage applied components
  • Development, processing and production of new material systems