Deposition Welding

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Hendrik Heinemann

Chief Engineer and Team Leader AS


+49 241 80-99944



Deposition welding is a versatile surface coating process characterized by a metallurgical bond and thus particularly good coating adhesion. The coating is formed by welding beads applied next to or on top of each other on the base material. Coating systems of the same type as the base material can be used for repair purposes or for shaping. Systems of other types, such as metal matrix composites, can be applied as protective coatings. The coating thicknesses range from approx. 30 µm to several millimeters.

The deposition welding group at IOT develops a wide variety of protective coating systems using powdered filler metals, covering a diverse range of applications. For this purpose, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and Laser Cladding (LC) are used as industrially established process variants with state-of-the-art equipment technology. In addition, these processes can be operated in combined use as well as simultaneously, supported by means of induction heating.

Current research foci of the deposition welding group are:

  • Wear protection coatings for highly stressed components
  • Coatings for corrosion protection for different temperature ranges
  • Development, processing and production of new material systems
  • Process diagnostics by means of high-speed imaging and thermography
  • Profitability analysis and process optimization