The IOT has a fully equipped metallography laboratory where the most common operations can be performed. Samples are preferably prepared using a precision cutting machine. This allows a very precise positioning of the cut while maintaining a high quality of the cut surfaces. For the preparation of larger samples, additional capacity is also available in our workshop.

The embedding takes place classically in cold epoxy resin under atmosphere or by means of a vacuum infiltrator. Furthermore, it is possible to embed samples hot. Afterwards the samples are prepared on several manual, semi-automatic or automatic grinding and polishing machines. The preparation of etchings is also possible in our metallography. For subsequent evaluation, our analytics department has various light microscopes or scanning electron microscopes at its disposal.

Available equipment



Brillant 220 (ATM)

Precision cut-off machine

OPAL 460 (ATM)

Hot embedding device

Saphir 350 (ATM)

Hand grinder and polisher

Rubin 520 (ATM)

Semi-automatic hand grinder and polisher

Saphir 555 (ATM)

Semi-automatic hand grinder and polisher

Phönix 400 (Wirtz)

Semi-automatic hand grinder and polisher

DMR (Leica)

Light Microscopy

Axiophot (Zeiss)

Light Microscopy

AxioImager M2m (Zeiss)

Light Microscopy