front view of the plant Copyright: © IOT Nanoindenter Hysitron TI 950

The nanoindenter "TriboIndenter TI950" from Bruker Corp., former Hysitron Inc., allows the determination of the indentation hardness HIT and indentation modulus EIT of materials by force indentation measurements with diamond indenters. This method is particularly suitable for the analysis of thin coatings without substrate influence with coating thicknesses of s ≤ 10 µm, using the nano measuring head. For higher loads, the TriboIndenter TI 950 is also equipped with a micro measuring head. Using this measuring method, the indenter is pressed into the sample or coating by force or displacement control. The applied force and the resulting indentation depth are recorded. The indentation hardness HIT is determined from the quotient of the maximum force and the projected indentation area of the indenter. The indentation modulus EIT of the material or thin film is determined by the stiffness S of the unloading curve. In addition, the TriboIndenter TI950 can be used to perform nanoscratching and cyclic tests.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] Nano measuring head Micro measuring head
Max.normal force, FN [mN] 10,0 4,3
Max. normal force resolution, RN, [nN] ≤ 1 ≤ 145
Max lateral force, FL [mN] 2,0 4,7
Max. lateral force resolution, RL [nN] ≤ 3 ≤ 340
Max. nanoscratch length, LNS [mm] 150 150
Positioning accuracy, Δx [nm] ≤ 100 ≤ 100