Pin-on-Disc Tribometer

  Pin-on-Disc Tribometer in a laboratory Copyright: © Carl Brunn

The Pin-on-Disc tribometer can be used to investigate the friction and wear behavior of tribological systems. It is designed to test planar base materials against a counter body under sliding conditions. The counter body is pressed on the rotating base material by a defined normal load. The occurring frictional forces are detected by force sensors and plotted against the travel path. The PoD can be used to investigate lubricated tribological contacts as well as to conduct tests under dry sliding conditions. The whole aperture can be heated and the test can be conducted under different atmospheres. Analyzing the wear track on the base material and the wear on the counter body delivers valuable information about the tribologcal behavior of the tested system.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] Value

Normal load, FN [N]

1 - 23
Rotational radius r [mm] 0 - 25
Rotational speed n [rpm] Up to 300
Temperature, T [°C] Ambient Temperature - 1,000