Micromeritics Gas Pycnometer

  Plant and schematic principle of function Copyright: © IOT Gaspyknometer Accu Pyknometer 1330 (a) and Functional principle of a pycnometer (b)

The AccuPyc pycnometer 1330 is used to determine the density of materials. It is a gas displacement pycnometer that uses pressure measurement in order to determine the volume of solid materials (with a sample size of up to V = 100 ml). The device has an accuracy level of 0.03 % reading accuracy plus 0.03 % of the maximum sample size. The reproducibility rate is ± 0.01 of the maximum sample size. The measurement is performed full automatically.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]

0.03 %

Reproducibility ± 0.01 % of max. sample size
Fully automated measurement