Dilatometer system SETSYS Evolution

  Front view of the DSC-DTA/TG thermoanalysis-system SETSYS Evolution Copyright: © Carl Brunn

The dilatometer system SETSYS Evolution is used for thermomechanical analysis. With this system, the thermal expansion or the coefficient of thermal expansion, phase transformations as well as sintering and softening effects of various materials can be determined and analyzed. The investigations can be carried out under different atmospheres, which also enables the measurement of oxidation. Compared to conventional dilatometers, the vertical structure enables a significantly higher resolution to be achieved.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] Value

Temperature, T [°C]

Max. 1,600
Accuracy, Δs [nm] 0,2
Sample size, L x Ø [mm]

20 x 5


Vacuum ( p ~ 10-3 mbar ), syn. Air, Ar, N2