Particle diagnostic system DPV-2000

  Camera of the DPV system and a 2D diagram of the temperature distribution Copyright: © IOT Particle diagnostic system DPV2000 (a) and 2D temperature distribution (°C) of DPV2000 thermally sprayed particles (b)

The DPV-2000 particle diagnostic system from Tecnar allows to determine the characteristics of spray particles during the flight phase in a specific area of the spray jet. The surface temperature (two-wavelength pyrometry), the flux amount, the diameter (iterative, manual adjustment of the emission coefficients) and the speed of the spray particles (light barrier principle) can all be measured simultaneously. The measuring volume of the sensor head is 0.5 mm³, which means that only a small area of the spray jet is analyzed per measurement position. The sensor has an XY positioning unit which allows a cross section of the jet to be scanned perpendicularly to the spray axis. In this way, a two-dimensional distribution of the particle characteristics and a formation of the spray jet can be determined. The characterization of cold and thus only weak radiant particles is possible by the external laser source CPS-2000. The laser is used to illuminate the particles and analyze the reflected light. When using the CPS-2000 it is not possible to measure the particle temperature.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] Value

Diameter measurement range, [µm]

10 – 300
Velocity measurement range, [m/s] 10 – 1,500
Analysis rate [particles/s] < 800