Mass Spectrometer Hiden Analytical EQP 300

  Facility and representation of the schematic structure Copyright: © IOT Mass spectrometer Hiden EQP 300 (a) and schematic drawing of the mass spectrometer EQP 300 (b)

The energy dispersive mass spectrometer Hiden EQP 300, Hiden Analytical, Warrington, United Kingdom, is a differentially pumped, energy dispersive spectrometer. An electron source for post-ionization of neutral particles allows their detection in the so-called residual gas analysis mode. The investigation of ions is performed by means of secondary ion mass spectroscopy. With the help of the Hiden EQP 300 it is possible to determine the chemical composition of the plasma and to make a statement about the energy distribution of the neutral particles and the ions. Due to the extractor and the electron source, this mass spectrometer can be used to perform residual gas analysis as well as to analyze individual positively or negatively charged ions.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]
Mass range

to 300 amu

Mass resolution

1 amu at 5 % peak height throughout the mass range

Pressure Range up to 0.5 mbar
Ion Counting detector for negative and positive ions with up to 107 cps
Energy analysis via 45° sector field up to 1,000 eV with resolution < 0.25 eV at FWHM