Tension/Compression Testing

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The determination of mechanical/technological properties is an important basis for the evaluation of the performance capability of soldered macro- and microcompounds. Strength testing is an essential examination instrument, in particular with regard to the technological assignment of newly constituted soldering materials and parameterised soldering processes. The MTS 312.21 series system provides a wide array of testing methods for determining the mechanical properties of materials and soldered joints. This device determines tensile, shearing, creep and compression strength. Furthermore, it is capable of performing both the 3 and 4-point bend tests. Depending on the anticipated mechanical properties, two load cells are used which are set and calibrated to 5 kN or 100 kN respectively. Using the appropriate program it is possible to include all types of testing parameters in a computer-controlled environment. The great number of clamping jaws used allows specimens with different geometries to be tested. The testing is usually carried out at room temperature. In order to create realistic conditions, i.e. temperatures of below zero to over 1,000 °C, a cooling/heating chamber can be set up and selected mechanical values can then be determined.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]
Load cells

5 kN, 100 kN

High temperature unit 800 – 1,600 °C