Shear Testing Machine Walter + Bai

  Shear testing machine in a laboratory Copyright: © IOT Shear testing machine Walter + Bai

The adhesion strength between a thermally sprayed coating and substrate is measured with the shear testing machine. With the shear test a hard metal shear plate is used to apply a force parallel and close to the interface between coating and substrate. The force is increased until the coating fails either at the interface or within the coating itself. The load displacement measurement provides information about cracking of the coating, delamination, rupture and other adhesion or cohesion properties.

Technical data:

Parameter Value [Unit]
Measurable coating thickness

> 150 µm

Maximum test load 20 kN
Test speed 0.01 mm/s to 0.1 mm/s
Displacement transducer 5 mm
Sample size 30 mm x 10 mm x 5 mm
Accuracy of recording the measuring range according to EN ISO 9513 class 0.5
Accuracy of recording the measuring force according to EN ISO 7500 class 1