Rockwell Tester

  Facility and typical indentation and divisions of the hardness classes Copyright: © IOT Rockwell tester (a), light optical microscope picture of an indentation (b) and crack mesh and appropriate adhesion quality according to DIN 4856 (VDI guideline 3198) (c)

This apparatus is designed for performing conventional Rockwell hardness testing (DIN EN ISO 6508-1:2004). The procedure allows rapid determination of hardness through direct reading and it is suitable for batch testing. The indentation mark is comparatively small, so the testing can be carried out at components, in most cases. For hardened steels and hard materials, a cone-shaped diamond with a 120° point angle (C-cone form) is pressed onto the surface, forcing a three-dimensional deformation of the substrate. A subsequent optical microscopic evaluation of the mesh work of cracks or chips in the layer at the edge of indentation can be used to evaluate the adhesion quality of the composite.

⦁ Measuring the Rockwell hardness HRA, HRB, HRC
⦁ Determination of the adhesion quality of the composite

Rockwell testing standards:
⦁ Hardness according to DIN EN ISO 6508-1 from 7/2004
⦁ Determination of the adhesive strength according to DIN 4856