ICP-8 Sensor

  residual stresses cause curvatures, which can be measured Copyright: © IOT Schematic view of measurement of coating properties by ICP sensor

With the ICP (in-situ coating properties)-sensor from ReliaCoat Technologies, the residual stresses of thermal spray coatings can be measured in situ during the coating application. The determination of the residual stresses is realized by the measuring the curvature of the sample induced by these residual stresses. The curvature is measured by three precision lasers at the backside of the sample. In addition, the substrate temperature is measured at two points. After the coating process, the residual stresses and the Young’s modulus of the coating can be evaluated. Furthermore, the residual stresses are divided into quenching stresses, due to the sudden solidification of the spray particles, and thermal stresses, due to different coefficients of thermal expansion of the substrate and the coating. These characteristic values are the basis for modifying the residual stress state of the coatings.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] Value

Substrate dimensions
[mm x mm x mm]

230 x 25
Substrate material 1.1018, 1.4404, other materials possible by arrangement


3 Laser for distance measurement, 2 thermocouples for measuring of the substrate temperature

Measurement accuracy

Distance measurement accuracy: up to 1 µm