MicroRaman spectroscope Renishaw inVia REFLEX

  MicroRaman spectrometer in a laboratory Copyright: © Carl Brunn

At Surface Engineering Institute, a MicroRaman spectroscope of the type RENISHAW inVia REFLEX is available. Raman spectra can be used for the identification, the analysis of the chemical composition and the differentiation of materials. Furthermore, by comparing the characteristic Raman spectra of a material to a suitable reference, it is possible to get valuable information about crystallographic configurations, residual stresses and concentrations of particular components. The MicroRaman spectroscope can be used to conduct point measures as well as surface mappings. During Raman spectroscopy a beam of monochromatic lase light is directed at the sample. The vast majority of the laser light will be scattered elastically. A small fraction of the laser light will be scattered inelastically i.e. the energy of the scattered light will be shifted to higher and lower wavelengths. This shift in wavelength is measured and expressed by the Raman shift. The spectra of the scattered light are characteristic for the sample. The Raman spectroscope is equipped with different lasers, which allow excitation of the samples with different wavelengths.

Technical data:

Parameter, [unit] value

Laser wavelengths λ [nm]

325, 532, 785

5 x, 20 x and 50 x magnification for 532 nm and 785 nm lasers
15 x and 40 x magnification for 325 nm laser

Sample table Electronically controlled x-, y-, z-axis