PVD Technology

  Plasma in a PVD coating unit Copyright: © Carl Brunn  

The Surface Engineering Institute contains two groups concerning themselves with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology. The main focus of the Research and Development (R&D) group PVD coating – components – is probing and depositing of PVD thin layers on machine elements for a wide variety of applications i.a. in the field of aeronautical engineering, power engineering, mobility and traffic engineering. Components and machines be subject to depending on tribological system, complex strains. Inconsideration of these strains, the thin film layers need to take over corresponding functions e.g. wear protection and friction reduction. The research and development of innovative material solutions for various component applications is carried out within official funded bilateral projects in close cooperation with industrial partners. The R&D group PVD technology – tools – focuses on development of coatings and materials for cutting and forming processes. The declared goal is to develop a new type of PVD-Coatings for the protection of tools. Therefore several international and national funded projects be processed. Both groups dispose of innovative technologies as high speed physical vapour deposition (HS-PVD), electron beam (EB) PVD, magnetron sputter ion plating (MSIP), with various chamber volumes, arc ion plating (AIP) as well as the latest generation of High Power Puls Magnetron Sputtering (HPPMS) and High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) may be implemented for the development of new types of PVD.


The following equipment is available in the field of PVD Technology at IOT:


CemeCon CC800/9 Custom

CemeCon CC800/9 Custom - Model facility

CemeCon CC800/9 HPPMS

CemeCon CC800/9 SinOx

Flexicoat 850


Leybold Heraeus Z400

Metaplas Ionon 20"

PVT 550