SinplexPro in a robot mounting Copyright: © IOT SinplexProTM-90 in a typical test setup for measuring particle properties

In plasma spraying, an electric arc is generated between the anode and cathode. The process gas (mixture) flowing along the arc is ionized and dissociated thereby transformed into the plasma state. The coating material is injected as a powder radially into the generated plasma jet. The high process temperature result in the melting of the spray powders, which then impact the substrate in liquid state. Plasma spraying allows a wide range of spray additives and a good adjustability of the coating morphology. Thus, graded layers or those with high porosity can be produced, especially for thermal barrier coatings. The technical advantages of the spray system SinplexPro™-90 for the application of coatings are the good process stability and a good coating adhesion. The SinplexPro™-90 combines the advantages of single-cathode processes with those of a cascaded system. While the design is rather simple, the cascaded electrode configuration of SinplexPro™-90 with neutrode rings extends the electric arc, resulting in an increased power level and thus in an increased productivit.

Technical data:




1 (cascaded design)

Powder injection


Process gases

argon, nitrogen, hydrogen

Particle velocity

up to 380 m/s

Particle temperatures

up to 3.000 °C

Maximum power

60 kW