Oerlikon Metco TriplexPro 210

  Three cathode plasma generator and cross break of the sprayed layer Copyright: © IOT Atmospheric plasma spraying system TriplexPro200 (a) and abradable coating NiCrAl/BN for turbines (b)

The TriplexPro 200 atmospheric plasma spraying system represents the latest generation of the 3-cathode plasma generator manufactured by Sulzer Metco. While in conventional single-cathode systems the process energy must be introduced by a single arc, the 3-cathode technology divides it up into 3 independent arcs. This technique allows a much more stable, quasi-laminar plasma flow to be generated, which leads to improved process control and a higher level of reproducibility of the spraying process. The nozzle variants that are available in the newest generation of burners also offer the ability to achieve supersonic flow which expands the parameter range of the APS process considerably. Argon, nitrogen and helium are used as plasma gases; the maximum output is P = 65 kW.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Cathode 3
Powder injection 3 way
Plasma gas Ar, N2, He
Particle velocity

up to v = 550 m/s

Particle temperature up to T = 3,500 °C
Power P = 65 kW