Oerlikon Metco F4

  Spraying process of the unit and cross break of the sprayed layer Copyright: © IOT APS spraying process (a) and APS sprayed chromium oxide coating (b)

The Oerlikon Metco F4 atmospheric plasma spraying system is based on a conventional direct-voltage single-cathode plasma generator. The arc is lit using a pen-shaped cathode and an anode which is set up as a nozzle. The plasma gas that flows by is ionised and dissociated at the arc and thus transferred into the plasma state. The core zone of the recombination lies directly behind the nozzle exit, where the powder-formed spraying material is radially injected into the flow of plasma. In a general way, mixtures of argon, nitrogen and hydrogen are used as plasma gases. The typical output of the F4 torch is P = 40 – 55 kW.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Cathode 1
Powder injection 1 way
Plasma gas H2, Ar
Particle velocity

up to v = 450 m/s

Particle temperature up to T = 3,000 °C
Power P = 40 - 55 kW