Thermico CJS

  Spraying process of the unit and cross break of the sprayed layer Copyright: © IOT HVOF spraying process by means of Thermico CJS (a) and HVOF sprayed Fe based coating (b)

The HVOF system CJS of the company Thermico GmbH & Co. KG is operated with a hydrogen-stabilized liquid fuel oxygen combustion. The combustion process takes place in two steps in order to realize improved control of the level of thermal energy introduced into the process. The hydrogen is burned with excessive oxygen in a short subsonic high pressure combustion chamber. Because of its lower reactivity, the injected liquid fuel is only burned in the supersonic section of the nozzle downstream of the throat. The regulation of flow temperature and velocity is considerably decoupled by this design and thus allows processing of very fine powder fractions without overheating. The powder injection takes place here radially.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Fuel Kerosene , hydrogen
Particle velocities v = 400 up to 700 m/s
Particle temperature T = 600 up to 2,000 °C
Form of the material

Powder (diameter > 5 µm)