Leybold Heraeus Z400

  Coating facility and SEM micrographs of fractured coating cross section Copyright: © IOT Coating facility LH Z400 (a) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) micrographs of fractured coating cross sections of metallic coating (b)

As a laboratory system, the magnetron sputtering (MS) facility Leybold Heraeus LH Z400 system makes it possible to develop coating systems and to deposit coatings on compact components. The system is equipped with heating, cooling, vacuum chambers and a direct current (dc), a medium frequency (mf) and a radio frequency (rf) source that allow three targets to be installed simultaneously. With the variety of available target materials and the possibility of using a number of different reactive gases, the LH Z400 supplies film systems for a number of diverse applications.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Max. component size

75 x 35 mm²

Number of Targets



max. P = 1,200/250 W (dc/mf/rf)

Pulser max. P = 10 kW, f = 50 - 250 kHz
Substrate bias max. U = 150 V

max. T = 700 °C

Cooling max. T = -40 °C