Metaplas Ionon 20''

  Coating unit with a SEM image of fractured coating cross section Copyright: © IOT Arc-Anlage Metaplas Ionon 20'' (a) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) micrographs of fractured coating cross sections of a nitride hard coating CrN (b)

The Arc-PVD- facility Metaplas Ionon 20“ unit offers numerous possibilities of coating development and conventional coating of small and medium-scale tools and components. The coating unit contains a substrate heater and dc (direct current)/pulse bias sources. It is possible to run 3 arc evaporation sources at the same time or two arc sources and one sputter source. Nearly every metallic target material can be used with or without different process or reactive gases. Today the coating system delivers many different coatings for several technical applications especially to deposit tool coatings, such as coatings for machining and forming applications.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Arc evaporation sources

3 (of which 1 steered arc)

Sputter source


Plasma Etching technology Metal Ion Etching (MIE), AEGD (Arc Enhanced Glow Discharge) high ionisation plasma etching
Chamber dimensions diameter/height = 460/530 mm
Electrical evaporation energy sources U = 0 - 60 V; I = 0 - 200 A, dc-Pulsed source: I = 0 - 400 A, with adjustable pulse time from ton = 1 ms to ton = 10,000 ms
Substrate bias voltage sources

dc mode: U = 0 - 1,000 V/ I =10 A, Pulsed mode: f = 0.33 up to f = 33 kHz at U = 0 - 1,000 V

Substrate rotation system velocity: n = 0 - 10 min-1; Load force (axial/radial): 500/200 kg