CemeCon CC800/9 HPPMS

  front view of the model facility (left) and the HPPMS coating unit (right) Copyright: © Carl Brunn

With the coating unit CC800/9 HPPMS, the Surface Engineering Institute has another large scale industrial coating unit at its disposal, which combines basic research and industrial application. The facility is equipped with six cathodes. Two HPPMS power supplies allow a further development of the middle frequency magnetron sputtering (mfMS) and enable a three times higher plasma density in comparison to conventional direct current magnetron sputtering (dcMS). The high ionisation of the sputtered donor material results from the high power of the cathodes P = 1.2 MW during a relative low power at the same time. The advantage of the high ionisation results in the coating production e.g. very smooth and densely coatings with a high surface hardness as well as a homogenous surface thickness distribution on complex geometries in particular orthogonal to the target surface. Furthermore, the use of high ionized plasma by means of HPPMS contributes to a better adhesion between the coating and substrate. This coating unit allows a combination of dcMS and HPPMS for the development of innovative hybrid dcMS/HPPMS processes in order to combine the advantages of both sputtering technologies. The coating unit is equipped with two heating elements which are located on the side of the substrate table and with which a heating power of PH = 8.8 kW can be achieved. After updating the additional heater, which is located in the middle of the substrate table, a heating power of PH = 18.0 kW can be achieved.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Coating chamber volume 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm³
Six cathodes 4x dcMS; 2x HPPMS
Cathode area

800 x 88 mm²

Cathode power

P = 10 kW

Plasma analytics available