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The CemeCon CC500, that is working with an EB-PVD (Electron Beam Physical Vapour Deposition) technique, is a coating unit that works close to the production system. It can be used for coating system development as well as for coating of components. The unit is equipped with two EB guns. The powder is forwarded to the copper crucible via a powder conveyor. The samples can be coated both from a stationary position as well as while being rotated thanks to a pivotable mount.

Technical data

Parameter Value

Leybold ESV14

Evaporator power max. P = 14 kW
Heating gun Leybold kA6
Heating acceleration voltage U = 12 kV
Heating for specimen T > 1.000 °C
Heating anode current I = 50 mA
Number of EB guns 2
Vacuum chamber capacity 0,17 m³

Rotating specimen holder