Edmund Bühler Mini Arc Melter MAM-1

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For the production of various experimental alloys on a laboratory scale, the MAM-1 is a suitable melting metallurgical system. Alloy production mainly involves weighing and melting of the raw materials, which usually have a purity of at least 99.98 %. The alloys are melted down in an electric arc furnace, which is ignited between a tungsten electrode and the material to be melted. The arc is ignited with the aid of a melting generator. The starting material is melted under an argon atmosphere that is as pure as possible. The working chamber is evacuated several times and purged with argon to ensure an atmosphere that is as pure and oxygen-free as possible. To achieve a homogeneous distribution of the elements to be alloyed, the alloy is remelted several times. By remelting three or four times, a largely homogeneous alloy is produced.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Operating temperature

T = 0 - 3,000 °C

Process atmosphere Ar
Sample mass m = 5 - 20 g
Melting current I = 5 - 200 A