ELVA Induktion AB MINAC-16

  Induction process via  a coil, which heats a sample Copyright: © IOT Induction heating process

Inductive heating belongs to the electrical process heating methods and is a direct heating process, with which all electrically conducting materials can be heated. This system is easy to handle and to carry out precise brazing process, thanks to inductor’s mobility, which allows the quick heating rate and the exact energy introduction into the work piece. As a consequence, the process times are short and the work piece is heated without contact with the inductor. The medium-frequency induction system is used in the industry for low and high-temperature brazing processes to produce inductive coatings (Brazecoat© process) and wide-gap brazed components; in such application the use of housings is necessary to guarantee defined process atmospheres.

Technical data

Parameter Value

f = 10 - 30 kHz

Power P = 15 kW
Penetration depth 10 mm (dependent on the substrate)
Process atmosphere air, nitrogen, argon