Nabertherm tube furnace

  Interior view of the tube furnace, concentric reddish circular areas Copyright: © IOT Compact tube furnace with interior view during heat treatment at T = 1.000 °C

The compact tube furnace R50-250-13 from Nabertherm GmbH can be used for in situ observation of the melting behaviour of different materials. An observation window enables to take pictures with the camera Manta G319 with CMOS sensor during the heat treatment. By means of a subsequent evaluation process utilizing drop shape analysis, the wetting angle for different materials can be determined during melting as a function of temperature. The heat treatment can be carried out in a protective gas atmosphere under Ar or N2 or in a fine vacuum up to p = 2 ∙ 10-2 mbar.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Tube inner diameter

40 mm

Tmax, furnace 1.300 °C
Heated length 250 mm
Protective gases Ar, N2

up to 2 ∙ 10-2 mbar

Camera with CMOS sensor Manta G-319 from Allied Vision