High vacuum furnace PVA–MOV 553T

  front view of the plant Copyright: © Carl Brunn

The vacuum furnace MOV 553T of the concern PVA is a high-temperature high-vacuum furnace of the newest generation. Its equipment, which comprises also the online process monitoring, the recording of the temperature and pressure curves, the online mass spectrometer and the gas rapid cooling, represents the state of the art in the industry. Its high capacity allows the thermal treatment and brazing of large-sized parts. The slight temperature gradient of only 1 K in the PVA furnace guarantees a uniform heating of the components and thus a high thermal treatment and joining quality.

Technical data

Parameter Value

400 x 400 x 700 mm³

Manufacturer PVA
Vacuum p < 10-6 mbar
Max. operating temperature T = 1,500 °C
Heating insert Mo
Heating elements Mo