Hybrid Coating Center

  Hybrid Coating Center Copyright: © Carl Brunn

The Hybrid Coating Center (HCC) of GTV Verschleißschutz GmbH offers the process variants of laser cladding (LC) and plasma transfer arc (PTA). The processes can be operated individually, in combined use, or simultaneously supported by means of induction heating. In addition, process monitoring is available by means of infrared and high-speed cameras as well as complementary systems for process diagnostics.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Power diode laser P ≤ 8.5 kW
Powder nozzle laser 6-jet nozzle
Welding current PTA I ≤ 300 A
Induction power

P ≤ 10 kW

Diameter inner coating laser Ø ≥ 60 mm
Power inner coating laser P ≤ 3.5 kW
Diameter inner coating PTA Ø ≥ 45 mm
Welding current inner coating PTA I ≤ 180 A
Workpiece weight m ≤ 300 kg
High speed camera frame rate Up to 2,100,000 frames/second
Infrared camera measuring range T = -10 to 2.000 °C
Infrared camera frame rate Up to 3,343 frames/second
Process diagnostics laser Melting bath
Process diagnostics powder Powder injection and caustic

HCC Video
Thermographic measurements of the melting bath during LC and PTA in comparison